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“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”

- Claude Bernard -

Joshi, Gayatri; Kashyap, Rajesh; Patrikar, Kalyani; Mondal, Anirban; Khatua, Saumyakanti. Ligand-mediated electron transport channels enhance photocatalytic activity of plasmonic nanoparticles. Nanoscale, 2023, Advance Article.

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Ingle, Jaypalsing; Uttam, Bhawna; Panigrahi, Reha; Khatua, Saumyakanti; Basu, Sudipta. Dog-bone shaped gold nanoparticle-mediated chemo-photothermal therapy impairs the powerhouse to trigger apoptosis in cancer cells. J. Mater. Chem. B, 2023, Advance Article.

Kar, A., Praneeth, N. V. S., Khatua, S., & Datta, B. (2023). Use of Single-Molecule Plasmon-Enhanced Fluorescence to Investigate Ligand Binding to G-Quadruplex DNA. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 14, 6321-6327. (Cover Art)

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Kar, A., Praneeth, N. V. S., Khatua, S., & Datta, B. (2023). Use of Single-Molecule Plasmon-Enhanced Fluorescence to Investigate Ligand Binding to G-Quadruplex DNA. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 14, 6321-6327.

Kumar, N., Sharma, A., Bahirat, A., Joshi, G., & Khatua, S. (2023). Efficient Harvesting of> 1000 nm Photons to Hydrogen via Plasmon-Driven Si–H Activation in Water. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. (Cover Art)


Kumar, N., Sharma, A., Bahirat, A., Joshi, G., & Khatua, S. (2023). Efficient Harvesting of> 1000 nm Photons to Hydrogen via Plasmon-Driven Si–H Activation in Water. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Joshi, G., Chakrabarty, S., Khatua, S., & Jasuja, K. (2022). TiB2 derived nanosheets co-immobilized with triangular gold nanoparticles elicit fast and stable photocatalytic hydrogen evolution. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.


Joshi, G., Saha, A., Dutta, A. & Khatua, S. (2022). NIR-Driven Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production by Silane- and Tertiary Amine-Bound Plasmonic Gold Nanoprisms. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

Paital, D., Bansal T., & Khatua, S. (2022). Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation with Plasmonic Au@MnOx Core–Shell Nanoparticles. ACS Applied Nano Materials.


Roy, A., Paital, D., & Khatua, S. (2022). Pd-Coated Au Triangular Nanoprisms as Catalysts for Hot-Carrier-Driven Photochemistry. ACS Applied Nano Materials.

Joshi, G., Mir, A. Q., Layek, A., Ali, A., Aziz, S. T., Khatua, S., & Dutta, A. (2022). Plasmon-Based Small-Molecule Activation: A New Dawn in the Field of Solar-Driven Chemical Transformation. ACS Catalysis, 12, 1052-1067.


Kar, A.; Manjeet; Paital,D., Khatua, S. Establishing Surface Charge as a Key Control Parameter for Linker-Driven Tip-Specific Ordering of Anisotropic Gold Nanoparticles. J. Phys. Chem. C (2021)

Ghosh, P., Thambi, V., Kar, A., Chakraborty, A. L., & Khatua, S. (2021). Light-induced in situ active tuning of the LSPR of gold nanorods over 90 nm. Optics Letters, 46(18), 4562-4565.


Zarin, A. S., Chakraborty, A. L., & Khatua, S. (2020). Time-resolved studies of bioluminescence from photobacterium leiognathi and rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing on E. Coli using tunable diode laser spectroscopy. IEEE Sensors Journal, 20(19), 11073-11081.

Adhikari, S., Spaeth, P., Kar, A., Baaske, M. D., Khatua, S.*, & Orrit, M.* (2020). Photothermal microscopy: imaging the optical absorption of single nanoparticles and single molecules. ACS nano.


Thambi, V.; Gautam, A. R. S.; Khatua, S.Core-Shell Au@AuAg Nano-Peanuts for the Catalytic Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol: Critical Role of Hollow Interior and Broken Shell Structure. Nanoscale Advances (2020) 

Kar, A.; Thambi, V.; Paital, D., Joshi, G., Khatua, S. Synthesis of solution stable end-to-end linked gold nanorod dimers via pH-dependent surface. Langmuir 2020. 


Kar, A.; Thambi, V.; Paital, D., Khatua, S. In situ modulation of gold nanorod's surface charge drives the growth of end-to-end assemblies from dimers to large networks that enhance single- molecule fluorescence by 10 000-fold. Nanoscale Adv. 2020, 2 (7), 2688–2692.
This article is part of the themed collection: Nanoscale Advances HOT Article Collection.

Mir, A. Q.; Joshi, G.; Ghosh, P.; Khandelwal, S.; Kar, A.; Hegde, R.; Khatua, S.; Dutta, A. Plasmonic Gold Nanoprism-Cobalt Molecular Complex Dyad Mimics Photosystem-II for Visible-NIR Illuminated Neutral Water Oxidation. ACS Energy Lett. 2019, 4, 2428–2435.

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Ghosh, P.; Kar, A.; Khandelwal, S.; Vyas, D.; Mir, A. Q.; Chakraborty, A. L.; Hegde, R. S.; Sharma, S.; Dutta, A.; Khatua, S. Plasmonic CoO-Decorated Au Nanorods for Photoelectrocatalytic Water Oxidation. ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2019, 2 (9), 5795–5803.

Thambi, V.; Kar, A.; Ghosh, P.; Paital, D.; Gautam, A. R. S.; Khatua, S. Synthesis of Complex Nanoparticle Geometries via pH-Controlled Overgrowth of Gold Nanorods. ACS Omega 2019, 4 (9), 13733–13739.


Thambi, V.; Kar, A.; Ghosh, P.; Khatua, S. Light-Controlled in Situ Bidirectional Tuning and Monitoring of Gold Nanorod Plasmon via Oxidative Etching with FeCl3. J. Phys. Chem. C 2018, 122, 24885–24890. 

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Conference Proceedings from IIT Gandhinagar

  • P Ghosh, A Kar, V Thambi, A. L. Chakraborty*, and S. Khatua*, "Large and controllable light-induced shift of the longitudinal surface plasmon resonance of gold nanorods submerged in hydroquinone solution", IEEE WRAP, Dec 2019, IIT Guwahati. DOI: 10.1109/WRAP47485.2019.9013902


  • P Ghosh, G. Joshi, R. Hegde, A. L. Chakraborty, and S. Khatua*, “Synthesis of gold nanodroplets with field enhancement of 105 at their tips using a simple wet-chemical method” CLEO, Germany 2019 (OSA publishing).


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Book Chapters

  • R.S. Hegde* and S. Khatua, 2019, Hot-Carrier Generation in Plasmonic Nanostructures: Physics and Device Applications. Nanoelectronics by Elsevier publication.

Publications Before Joining IIT Gandhinagar

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