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Congratulations Akanksha for securing third position in Asia-Pacific poster presentation.


Metal nanoparticles have recently attracted significant attention due to their enhanced yet tunable broadband absorption. Such improved and widely spread absorbance properties stem from the resonances of the collective oscillation modes of their conduction electrons, known as surface plasmon resonance (SPR). These resonances lead to enhanced light absorption in an area much larger than the actual physical cross-section of the nanoparticle, making them potential antennas for optical wavelengths. On the other hand, photo-excitation of plasmonic nanomaterials leads to the formation of highly energetic charged carriers, often referred to as hot electrons and holes. These energetic carriers can induce and/or accelerate chemical reactions at nanoparticle’s surface. 
Our Nanoplasmonic research group is interested in enhancing weak/slow physical and/or chemical processes using plasmonic nanostructures at both bulk and single particle concentrations.

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